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Are you an association?

Have you encountered a science-related problem?

The Science Shop will help you find a solution, by mobilizing students and researchers to study your subject alongside you.
The not-for-profit Science Shop will provide you with scientifically valid elements to produce knowledge applicable within a variety of contexts. This collaboration will also allow your organization to strengthen its analytical and operational capabilities.

The various stages of a science-shop collaboration

  1. At any time of the year – The association submits its question via our on-line form.
  2. At the beginning of the following academic year – The question is examined by a scientific committee.
  3. October-December If the question is chosen, the Science Shop prepares the dedicated project (drafting the internship offer, recruiting the student and locating the scientific adviser).
  4. January-JulyThe field study is set up and carried out by all the partners.
  5. SeptemberThe results and recommendations are submitted to the association, presented to the public and published on the Science Shop’s website.

Due to the silting up of the Rize River, the water rises and floods our gardens. We needed help in finding solutions. I was afraid that involving a researcher would prove unwelcome. But as water and soil samples were taken, the gardeners felt useful and got to know the students and the researcher.

Varoujan Sarkissian, member of the Société des Jardins Ouvriers de Villeurbanne (“Villeurbanne Urban Allotment Gardens Society”) – the pilot project: “Researchers in the Garden”.