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Are you a researcher?

Why become involved?

It’s an opportunity for you to garner experience in related disciplines, while improving the visibility of your laboratories at the local, national and international levels (

The Science Shop acts as an interface gathering together research subjects arising from questions raised by civil society. Its scientific committee selects projects based upon their general interest and their prospects and potential. The Science Shop invites researchers to put their knowledge to practical use within a community-based, participatory context, and to become involved in quality research based on case studies.

What role will you play?

  • You will assist the student with his/her fieldwork.
  • As the scientific adviser, you will oversee all of the research: a minimum of 20 to 30 hours spread out over the internship.
  • Your scientific supervision will guarantee the quality of the results.

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We made the journey together, with the student, each of us contributing something. I explored the peri-urban environment, which I was unfamiliar with. The project in which I participated was of both scientific and social interest, and in line with my personal and professional convictions. It allowed me to build a network, thereby giving birth to new collaborations.

Guy Le Henaff,   researcher at IRSTEA (French National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture) and supervisor for the pilot project: "Researchers in the Garden".