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Are you a student?

Searching for an internship to apply your training to a societal problem?

The Science Shop offers you the opportunity to complement your in-class training with concrete fieldwork that is useful to society.
It provides the ideal context for putting into practice your knowledge to benefit a not-for-profit association and to help it find scientific solutions for its problems. The proposed internship subjects have been reformulated by a scientific committee assessing their feasibility and their scientific prospects and potential. Over a period of four to six months, you gather together knowledge applicable to this association, while developing specific competences and expertise in collaboration with students from other disciplines.

In practice, how does it work?

  1. At the start of the academic year You are registered for a Master program (as a priority, at a PALSE member institution).
  2. OctoberThe Science Shop proposes internships, to which you are invited to apply.
  3. January-July If your application is accepted, you are entrusted with carrying out the research work alongside the concerned association. This fieldwork (pursued over a period of four to six months, under the supervision of an accompanying researcher) is the subject of an agreement between the Université de Lyon and your specific institution.
  4. SeptemberYou submit your results to the association and participate in their public dissemination.

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To what end?

Your internship will result in:
  • An illustrated summary, made available on-line and in open access to the general public.
  • An illustrated summary, made available on-line and in open access to the general public.
  • Greater visibility (for local authorities, general public, etc)

During my studies, I sometimes found it difficult to identify the concrete interest of what I was doing. This internship will enable me to share with the general public the knowledge I’ve accumulated over four years, while also developing a certain environmental expertise and garnering work experience.

Tsilia Poussin,  Professional Master 2 student in Local Development Sociology at the Université Lumière – Lyon 2, participating in a study of the Maison Rhodanienne de l’Environnement ("Rhone Environmental Centre").